25th October 2023

Inspire Welcomes Avela!

We are happy to introduce you to the latest member of the INSPIRE team

INSPIRE is super thrilled to welcome our first full-time staff member into the organisation. Avela Pamla is joining INSPIRE on our Internship programme. We are excited to be working, learning and making a difference together with her!

Avela Pamla

I hold a MSc in Environmental Science on promoting sustainable practices and mitigating the effects of climate change. I have gained a strong foundation in environmental science and a particular interest in renewable energy and sustainability.

My experience as a sustainable energy intern provided me with hands-on experience in renewable energy development. In addition to my academic and practical background, I have actively participated in various community engagement projects and research initiatives.

I am eager to leverage this education and experience to make a meaningful contribution to the field while continuously learning and growing in renewable energy. This opportunity to intern at INSPIRE aligns perfectly with my aspirations, allowing me to further develop my skills and knowledge in promoting sustainable energy practices.

We wish Avela the best for her time with us at INSPIRE and look forward to her contributions and growth!

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