Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy

Building leadership for a people-centered just transition

The Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE) was launched in 2021 in South Africa.

INSPIRE aims to advance the field of social performance in South Africa’s renewable energy sector, with the wider goal of becoming a leading platform for capacity building and best practice, across the African continent and internationally.

Synergy Global Consulting is leading the establishment of INSPIRE with founding support from Actis, Lekela and BTE Renewables. It is implemented in partnership with SAWEA and SAPVIA.


Impact funding opportunities

INSPIRE has identified five key step change opportunities
for the REIPPPP eco-system.

Community of

Collaboration Forum

Develop and
Deliver Training

Learning Event

Collaborative Research
and Impact Studies

These step change opportunities can be mobilized for as short notice and implemented with long term impact

  • More positive community impact
  • Accelerate maturity of social performance
  • Connect with peers to exchange, collaborate and drive excellence
  • Access best practice tools and approaches


Are you looking for knowledge resources to guide your work in economic development in REIPPPP? Look no further! We are working hard to keep this resource database to date. If you have a resource that we are missing, send it to us and we will add it!

Funded and Supported by USAID

Academic Research and Theses

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Community Needs/Asset Studies

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Guidelines and Toolkits

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Industry Impact Reports

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Practice Insights and Notes

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Research Reports

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Templates & Procedures

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Workshop Reports and Presentations

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Learning and Leadership

  • Academic circle

    Connected student and staff researchers working on economic development related questions in REIPPPP.

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  • M&E Roundtables

    Roundtable discussion to mature the Monitoring and Evaluation practice in REIPPPP

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  • ED Plan Development

    This dialogue brought together ED practitioners to collaborate and exchange learnings in the development phase of the mandated ED plans.

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  • Trustee Tea

    The Roundtables were facilitated to allow for networking, exchange of practice experience and per-to-peer learning opportunities.

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  • Offload and learn: case clinics to unlock professional challenges

    Group coaching methodology to tackle the challenges and complexities faced by practitioners in their roles

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  • Introduction to Social Performance Practice

    INSPIRE’s short course #1 equips participants with an understanding of the nature and breadth of Social Performance in the renewable energy sector.

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  • Managing Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement

    INSPIRE’s short course #2 equips participants with the knowledge, tools, and practical skills required to better understand and manage stakeholder as well as community relations and expectations within the renewable energy sector.

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  • Managing Community Investments and Benefits

    INSPIRE short course #3 equips participants with the tools to plan, implement, monitor, and report on community investments and benefit interventions.

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Research & Innovation

Conducting action-oriented research to support improved practices and policy. Prototyping and incubating transformation-focused approaches and investments.