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  • Pete’s podcast on community development

    Since 2021 - Peter Westoby

    An exploration of all things community development in dialogue with citizens and practitioners around the world. Dr Peter Westoby has been on the community development journey for over 30 years, as citizen practitioner, professional and academic. He’s published over 50 professional journal articles and 15 books on community development.

  • The Benefits of Taking Social Performance Seriously With Tricia Wilhelm

    2022 - Rob Tyson

    In this episode, we chat with Tricia Wilhelm, Head of Social Performance for Anglo American, one of the largest and most diversified mining companies in the world. Tricia has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the mining industry. Her experience has been around Sustainable Development, Social Performance, Stakeholder Engagement, Resettlement, and Social Impact Assessment. We are here today to have a more in-depth discussion around ESG and social performance and how we as a mining community can better prepare ourselves for future changes in the industry.

  • Energy Poverty (Who has access to energy in South Africa?)

    2022 - Ahadi Collab (African Voices in the Energy Space)

    To kick off Season 1, Researcher (Siwe Kuse) chats to Project Manager (Bathandwa Vazi). Together, they discuss the multifaceted issue of energy poverty in South Africa + burdensome inequality, role of spatial planning in energy access and the role government policies in reducing energy poverty.

  • Bathandwa Vazi | (Decentralising) Power to the People

    2022 - Earth Cast

    Olivia Taylor (@olivia_earth) speaks to Bathandwa Vazi about the impact of decommissioning coal mines on the South African economy and unpacks the employment concerns and opportunities surrounding the transition to renewables. Bathandwa explains energy access and poverty and dives into the topic of the decentralisation of power, and the role that trade unions could play in the just energy transition. This is followed by a discussion about how Eskom can adapt to become efficient and profitable, and so much more!

  • The justice dividend [Part 1]

    2022 - Influence Podcast

    The narrative of development is a wide ranging. Meshed into its arc is the belief that it cannot exist without justice. In this episode, Lebo Madiba is in conversation with Fumani Mthembi who paints a picture of how home grown values led to her being a change agent and champion of developing communities.

  • Progressive practice podcast

    2020 - Holle Wlokas & Tasneem Jhetam

    This podcast explores social performance practice at the core of South Africa’s energy transition. Guests work in a diverse array of spaces, including the public, private and research sectors. The hosts speak to a group of predominantly South African women who offer insights and reflections into community development and social performance, particularly as they relate to the implementation of renewable energy through REIPPPP.

  • Energy Policycast: TENTRANS: Large-scale renewables = large-scale local benefits?

    2019 - Holle Wlokas, Daniel Sneum and Luigi Bottecchia

    The podcast presents research on renewable energy in South Africa and beyond, including the TENTRANS project.

Disclaimer: This project is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of this project are the sole responsibility of the Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE) and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.