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Funded and Supported by USAID
  • Respecting the human rights of communities: A business guide for commercial wind and solar project deployment

    2022 - Sarah Dolton-Zborowski & Sam Szoke-Burke

    This guide focuses on human rights impacts arising during the project deployment phase, including those that can flow from environmental impacts such as loss of biodiversity during project land clearing.

  • Overview of Renewable Energy Independent Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP)

    2022 - Synergy-Global Consulting

    This poster can be used to inform non-REIPPPP specialists about the programme and its opportunities for communities and local economies.

  • Monitoring and evaluation in the context of REIPPPP’s community investments: Frequently asked questions

    2022 - Malibu, M. and Minne M.

    FAQ guide discussing the most common M&E questions associated with community investments in REIPPPP.

  • Offload and learn: Case clinic for practitioners

    2022 - McCallum, A and Schulz, H.

    Method guide introducing a group coaching methodology working with case clinics.

  • Auction design and the social impact of renewable energy projects

    2021 - Ana Amazo, Bastian Lotz, Fabian Wigand, Sarah Lawson, Arai Monteforte, Allen Eisendrath, Jairo Gutierrez and Adrian Paz

    This report is part of the USAID Renewable Energy Auctions Toolkit developed under USAID’s Scaling Up Renewable Energy (SURE) project, which helps energy stakeholders design and implement successful energy auctions. This report focuses specifically on measures within the auction for addressing social impacts. 

  • Community engagement and benefit sharing in renewable energy development: A guide for renewable energy developers

    2021 - Lane, T. and J. Hicks

    The content of this guide draws extensively on previous research and writing included in Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing in Renewable Energy Development.

  • Business in society handbook

    2021 - Trialogue

    In this edition of the Handbook we explore what the private sector can do to augment government’s recovery efforts, put responsible business concepts into practice, and help to accelerate meaningful change in South Africa.

  • INSPIRE Introductory  Brochure

    2020 - Synergy-Global Consulting

    Read this summary brochure on the INSPIRE initiative for the economic development stakeholder community. INSPIRE is a learning and innovation hub for training, communities of practice and research and engagement. This brochure outlines its ambition, its work and its mission.

  • Deepening REIPPPP’s community development impact

    2020 - Peter Westoby

    An infographic summarising movements, traditions and frameworks for the advancement of deepening community development impact in REIPPPP. Illustrated by Peter Westoby.

  • Creating successful, sustainable social investment. (2nd edition)

    2017 - IPIECA

    This guidance document addresses the question of how to create successful and sustainable community investments and how to measure their success. Social investment programmes are described as the voluntary and/or regulatory contributions companies make to the communities and broader societies where they operate, with the objective of mutually benefiting external stakeholders and the company.

Disclaimer: This project is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of this project are the sole responsibility of the Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE) and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.