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  • South Africa’s contested transition to energy democracy: Lessons and struggles from the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme

    2021 - Megan Lynne Davies

    This thesis demonstrates, the (laudable) concession by policymakers to include economic development (ED) in the configuration of the procurement programme set the REIPPPP on a trajectory that would trigger irrepressible tensions in South Africa’s political economy of energy.

  • Development of a community through a solar energy plant in a rural town

    2020 - Yvonne Zukiswa Ndlela

    This study explored the contributions of a solar energy plant towards a rural town’s community development. The study focused on community development and renewable energy.

  • The development of a socio-economic model to promote women’s empowerment initiatives in the renewable energy sector of South Africa

    2020 - C. M. Adendorff, Harvey Keown and Ric Amansure

    This study investigates the main contributors that can positively influence the socio-economic empowerment of women in the renewable energy sector in the Republic of South Africa and recommends new and innovative approaches to mainstream gender in the sector.

  • Addressing community energy challenges with utilityscale renewables: A case study of Hopefield Wind Farm

    2019 - Kyle Swartz

    This thesis documents how a utility-scale renewable energy project has addressed community energy challenges through the development of a wind farm as part of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). 

  • An economic and social review of the preferred bidders under the small projects IPP procurement programme: A cross-case synthesis

    2019 - Timothy Mew

    This research sought to compare Small Projects under the SP-IPPPP with projects of the same technology under the REIPPPP (in bid window 3 and 4) in a cross-case synthesis. Using an embedded, multiple-case study design the commitments made by Preferred Bidders in each programme were compiled and contrasted. Following this, the results for the Small Projects were scaled-up to identify how justified the additional costs associated with the Small Projects are, given their co-benefits to the South African economy.

  • The development impact of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme on South Africa’s small towns

    2019 - Jeeten Morar

    This thesis aims to explore how effective economic development efforts in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Produce Programme (REIPPPP) have been at creating long term improvements in the livelihood of low income communities. The research sheds light on some of the complexity that exists within community development in the REIPPPP, and highlights common mentalities and approaches that exist among renewable energy developers when engaging with the poor.

  • The development of a socio-economic model to promote women empowerment initiatives in the renewable energy sector of South Africa

    2019 - Keown Harvey

    The objective of this research was, therefore, to evaluate and recommend new approaches to mainstream gender in the renewable energy sector. This objective would be achieved by introducing a model of the factors that contribute to the perceived success of the socio-economic empowerment of women within the renewable energy sector of the RSA.

  • A critical analysis of how Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) can help to secure a sustainable future for post-mining towns in South Africa through new models of architectural practices, to promote the renewal of architecture as a means of creating new realities and being drivers of sustainable change.

    2018 - Peter C. Harrison

    The thesis looks at the role of Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) in funding Socio-economic (SED) and Enterprise Development (ED) in post-mining towns in South Africa. It examines how a new typology of Architectural Practices can help to create new realities for these communities through a renewal of architecture as drivers for social change.

  • Does the South African renewable energy programme exclude Black Woman owned businesses?

    2018 - Fezeka Nobuntu Stuurman

    The main aims of this thesis were to investigate and critically evaluate the participation of Black women owned businesses (BWOBs) within the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), and to make recommendations to improve levels of participation of Black women in the REIPPPP in future rounds of the programme.

  • Implementing community renewables: Institutional work in South Africa’s renewable energy procurement

    2017 - Holle Linnea Wlokas

    This thesis analyses the question how the institutions evolve in the implementation of community benefit requirements. The theoretical frameworks of institutional work and logics helps to analyse this new organizational field and interaction of various actors in government, industries and communities.

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