11th July 2024

Reflections from Türkiye: JustRE — Global South Alliance for a Just Transition to Renewable Energy

Discover the insights and inspiration from our transformative writing retreat in Türkiye

About the JustRE Alliance

The Global South Alliance for a Just Transition to Renewable Energy (JustRE Alliance) (established out of the Transnational Network for Inclusive Renewable Energy Deployment project) represents an opportunity for an inclusive and expansive network to amplify voices and strengthen the Global South ecosystem affected by and concerned with the phasing in of utility-scale renewable energy.

Based on the challenges we see in the sector upon which the Alliance is built, our mission is to serve as a strategic platform for multiple stakeholders (including communities, civil society organisations, governments, and the private sector) working towards socially responsible renewable energy deployment.

BookSprint Writing Retreat

The JustRE Alliance convened by the Initiative for Social Performance in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE), and in partnership with the Responsible Energy Initiative (REI), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM) gathered in Ağva, Istanbul, Türkiye, to document practical experiences to guide practitioners in inclusive renewable energy deployment.

Twelve practitioner experts spent five days in a writing process facilitated by Book Sprints. The first day was filled with productive brainstorming and collaborative discussions on the content of the book. Thereafter, a writing and editing process of four packed days allowed for the documenting of the practical lessons and promising examples from the respective contexts. 

The Book

The written document is currently under design, and primarily written by practitioners for practitioners, especially those in an intermediary capacity working with various stakeholders in the deployment of utility-scale renewable energy. The book covers chapters related to:  

By sharing insights and experiences from local initiatives, fostering international collaboration, and highlighting the global impact of these efforts, the Alliance demonstrates that a just and equitable deployment of renewable energy is possible and desirable for all. Through documented collective efforts, practitioners can find some of the tools and inspiration needed to drive meaningful change.

We are delighted to provide a glimpse of the in-depth experience we shared in these photos.

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