Trauma-informed social performance practice

An INSPIRE project supported by


The Xazulula project focuses on supporting key stakeholders, leaders, and decision-makers in communities and the renewable energy sector to identify and address challenges within community development by recognising, identifying, and understanding the often-overlooked stress and trauma that is experienced by the individual, within the community and wider society.

Our Objectives


Raise awareness and understanding of the trauma-related requirements for community development


Piloting innovative community leadership intervention to address trauma and its effects on community


Document and share informed approaches to leadership development


Encourage engagement and further development of trauma-informed community development work in REIPPPP

This process will uncover, unpack and address the stress and trauma that has impacted a community, allowing for recovery and building sustainable coping strategies for better future community development.

The project aims to deliver strategies, support and frameworks that will be implemented by leaders and decision-makers to address these challenges and unlock the potential for community development and deepen REIPPPP’s community impact.

Our work will be considered as done when we can leave stakeholders feel equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster positive, sustainable change in affected communities


New Project: Xazulula

Read more about our project in guiding key stakeholders, leaders and decision-makers through a process of unpacking community trauma and developing sustainable strategies to overcome existing challenges.

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