Trust Matters

Empowering Community Trusts in REIPPPP

This initiative is an investment in exploring the full spirit of community ownership. We aim to empower community trusts in REIPPPP, mobilise community leadership and drive developmental impact.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow trustees, share insights and foster a common  understanding for long-term collaborative success. 

Foster Best Practices

Create a conducive environment for the exchange of insights, successful models, and proven strategies to identify and integrate best practices.

Expand Connections

Broaden the reach of support to existing and new trusts, including trustees and those working in support of trusts.

Build Capacity

Equipping trustees and those supporting trusts
with available resources and new knowledge.

Our Approach

We have developed a trust capacity self-assessment model to aid various members of the trust support ecosystem across four key elements influencing trust efficacy.

Vision and Strategy
Impactful Delivery

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