12th December 2023

New Project: Trust Matters

Empowering REIPPPP community trusts through networking and capacity building to enhance their effectiveness in meeting community needs.

Capacitating community trusts in REIPPPP

At the core of our initiative lies a commitment to building robust and comprehensive capacity, strategically aligned to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders. Trust Matter’s primary objective is to enable trusts to fully realise their purpose within the framework of community development.

Specific Objectives

Connect with fellow trustees, share insights, and foster a common understanding for collaborative success.

Equipping trustees with resources and knowledge through targeted capacity-building initiatives.

Engaging actively in the community, ensuring the different voices are heard, and ensuring your contributions make a real difference.

Elevate the impact of community trusts by improving their effectiveness in meeting the diverse needs of communities.

Project Team

Masechaba Mabilu, Embedding Impact

Masechaba is a serial INSPIRE collaborator and key REIPPPP thought and practice leader. Masechaba is a founder and director of Embedding Impact. She holds vast social impact measuring expertise, is a skilled facilitator and holds deep insights into community development realities.

Yumnaa Firfirey, Towards Uhuru

Yumnaa is a frequent collaborator in the INSPIRE network and a seasoned REIPPPP sustainability practitioner. Yumnaa has build diverse career in business, government, partnership organisations and as an entrepreneur, in South Africa and abroad. She has worked in the areas of enterprise development, tourism, design, sustainability and renewable energy, with partnership building and economic development as the common thread throughout.

Sinazo Nkwelo, DGMT

Sinazo is a dear INSPIRE co-conspirator and REIPPPP experienced development practitioner. She currently serves as the Innovation Director at the DG Murray Trust, where she leads a portfolio focused on place-based development. This portfolio is centered on building human development pathways in specific geographic areas. The primary goal of her work is to create supportive pathways from early childhood to adulthood, with the aim of breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty and enabling people in communities to realize their potential.

Dr Holle Wlokas, INSPIRE

Holle is a director and founder of INSPIRE, and has been working on social performance in REIPPPP since the programme was launched in 2011. Holle's past work in academia, consulting and civil society revolves around the social and economic aspects of energy transitions.

Avela Pamla, INSPIRE

Avela is working as INSPIRE's first employee and knowledgeable REIPPPP thinker and writer. She is excelling in the dynamic environment of this newly founded NGO. Avela holds a MSc degree in Environmental Science completed with distinction at Rhodes University. Her previous employer was the Eastern Cape Province, where she worked in the Sustainable Energy Unit at the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

Sanele Lalendle, Embedding Impact

Sanele is a new collaborator of INSPIRE's, bringing deep insights into monitoring and evaluation of REIPPPP's development impact. Sanele Lalendle is an Impact Measurement and Management Consultant at Embedding Impact. She is a forward-thinking and hardworking young professional with four years of experience in Social impact management and impact measurement and management, sustainability reporting, organisational strategy review and development, stakeholder engagement plans, and organisational framework review and development.

Get in Touch

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