12th December 2023

New Project: Transnational Network for Inclusive Renewable Energy Deployment

INSPIRE is pioneering a global network of networks to steer an inclusive just transition.

INSPIRE, in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute in Colombia, the Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM), and the Forum for the Future (South Asia), is piloting a network to guide the progress of renewable energy towards fairer directions by ensuring local actors and communities are active participants and beneficiaries in the transition to more renewable generation.


A collaborative space will be established where a diverse range of stakeholders can share their experiences, best practices, and insights related to community engagement and local benefits derived from renewable energy projects. This will encourage cross-learning and foster innovation.

By converging different organisations, the initiative seeks to support the initial creation of conversations that can lead to nurturing partnerships between public, private, and non-profit entities in the respective countries and regions. In addition, knowledge partnerships between the networked organisations will be instrumental in enhancing their strategies to foster community-focused renewable energy projects with maximum social and economic benefits.

The initiative will emphasize the importance of ensuring that communities affected by large-scale renewable energy projects are actively involved in our conversations and decision-making processes. It will also explore ways to address potential challenges and disparities to create more equitable outcomes.

Through collaborative discussions, the initiative will identify and develop actionable strategies for promoting more equitable a just renewable energy deployment as well as activating thinking for future work. 

Network partners

The team

Juan Pablo Cardenas, INSPIRE

Juan is a new INSPIRE team member and knows REIPPPP as well as renewable energy project dynamics in Colombia and beyond. Juan recently finalised his studies in Energy and Development Studies at the University of Cape Town. He has experience working in energy and transition communities and projects in Colombia.

Dr Holle Wlokas, INSPIRE

Holle is a director and founder of INSPIRE and has been working on social performance in REIPPPP since the programme was launched in 2011. Holle's past work in academia, consulting and civil society revolves around the social and economic aspects of energy transitions.

Yumnaa Firfirey, Towards Uhuru

Yumnaa is a frequent collaborator in the INSPIRE network and a seasoned REIPPPP sustainability practitioner. Yumnaa has built diverse careers in business, government, partnership organisations and as an entrepreneur in South Africa and abroad. She has worked in enterprise development, tourism, design, sustainability and renewable energy, with partnership building and economic development as the common thread.

Avela Pamla, INSPIRE

Avela works as INSPIRE's first employee and is a knowledgeable REIPPPP thinker and writer. She is excelling in the dynamic environment of this newly founded NGO. Avela holds a MSc degree in Environmental Science completed with distinction at Rhodes University. Her previous employer was the Eastern Cape Province, where she worked in the Sustainable Energy Unit at the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

For more information

If you wish to reach out to us about this project, please contact us.

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