Economic prosperity for marginalised communities through renewable energy in South Africa: Assessing the co-benefits of decarbonising the power sector

Research Reports:   2019   -   By Editors: Ayodeji Okunlola, David Jacobs, Ntombifuthi Ntuli, Ruan Fourie, Sylvia Borbonus, Laura Nagel and Sebastian Helgenberger – IASS Potsdam, CSIR and IET

This study assesses the SED and ED impacts of renewable energy deployment in marginalised communities in South Africa; this was carried out in the context of the COBENEFITS project with the aim of assessing the range of additional benefits2 resulting from a low-carbon energy transition in the country. It entails the assessment of selected socio-economic impacts, realised to date, in three REIPPPP project areas, along with projections and modelling the assessed impacts (up to 2030 for the medium term, and 2050 for the long term) across a range of power sector decarbonisation scenarios.


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