6th February 2024

INSPIRE at the Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) 2024

INSPIRE at AMI to explore community experiences with the implementation of large-scale wind and solar projects!

The 2023 Alternative Mining Indaba prioritised “people first, not profits” for a just energy transition. The AMI 2023 called for resolute action against the structural gender imbalances and the skewed gender relations inherent in mining economies.

The ongoing 2024 AMI themed “Energy Transition Minerals: Putting Communities First for an Inclusive Feminist Future” aims to highlight the role of transition minerals in transforming society. This aligns with INSPIRE’s mission to grow leadership, capacity, and deepen community development impact in South Africa’s renewable energy programme. 

Objectives of the 2024 AMI

The overall objective of the  Alternative Mining Indaba 2024 aims to be a vessel of ideas, a forum for innovation, and a launchpad for collective action. It’s where thought leaders, activists, policymakers, industry experts, and communities converge to co-create a vision for a future where extractives benefit communities.

The specific objectives include:

Create a safe and inclusive space for diverse stakeholders, including mining-affected communities, activists, faith leaders, civil society, and social justice practitioners, to engage in meaningful dialogues, critiques, and analyses of their interactions with the extractive industries. Encourage discussions that lead to the development of concrete strategies for a just and inclusive mining sector.

We aim to elevate feminist perspectives throughout the conference, emphasising the significance of gender equality, inclusivity, and intersectionality in the African mining discourse. By weaving feminist principles into our discussions, we intend to challenge and reshape the traditional narratives and norms that have often marginalised not only women but everyone.

This objective calls for critical self-reflection and the recognition that gender equality is
not only a matter of ethics but also a catalyst for improved decision-making, sustainable
practices, and equitable development within the mining industry. It seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the specific challenges women face in mining-affected communities, acknowledging that a feminist lens is essential for creating lasting change.

Equip communities and non-state actors with essential tools and knowledge related to the mining sector, the just green energy transition, and feminist perspectives. Offer capacity-building workshops and information-sharing sessions that empower participants to make informed decisions and advocate for their rights within the sector.

Promote a people-centred and environmentally sustainable approach to the just energy transition. Strengthen the collective call for solidarity among participants, emphasising the importance of aligning efforts and perspectives to amplify a unified voice advocating for transformative change. Encourage networking and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

INSPIRE will host a session on community experiences with the implementation of large-scale wind and solar projects at the Idea Generation Hub of the conference. 

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