23rd April 2024

In the News: Community Ownership in REIPPPP

Read about our latest opinion piece on Community Ownership in REIPPPP

We are excited to share this insightful article penned by Yumnaa Firfirey (Towards Uhuru), Masechaba Mabilu (Forethought Africa), Holle Linnea Wlokas and Avela Pamla (both from INSPIRE), shedding light on the challenges faced by trusts in achieving meaningful benefits to their surrounding communities.

The collective expertise brings valuable perspectives to the table as the article delves into the hurdles hindering the efficacy of community trusts and how they often fall short of making significant impacts. However, it doesn’t just stop there; it also highlights a beacon of hope.

INSPIRE, supported by the IDC, has launched a project, TRUST MATTERS, that seeks to mobilise community leadership, drive developmental impact and create a platform where community trusts can connect, learn, and collaborate – paving the way for real developmental impact and sustainable change.

A must-read for anyone passionate about Community Development and sustainable solutions. Read the article now!

Learn more about TRUST MATTERS

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